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At OPHMED,  we focus on manufacturing the two product lines of Ophthalmic Surgical Instruments -  OPHMEDTM Reusable Titanium Instruments and OPHMEDTM Single Use Ophthalmic Instruments.

At OPHMED, our goal is not only to be the largest manufacturer of ophthalmic surgical instruments, but also to be the most trusted and loved partner in the ophthalmic industry.

At OPHMED, we are very proud to manufacture the exciting OPHMEDTM ophthalmic surgical instruments with the high quality but inexpensive, both Titanium and Single Use. 

At OPHMED, we are not just self-driven. We are customer driven. We focus on serving the needs of every customer. We listen to our customers and continually evolve our products to help them succeed.

At OPHMED, we have been continually expanding our manufacturing capacities to meet the growing demands of our customers. We have been continually challenging ourselves to improving the features and durability of all our product lines, creating more values for our customers.

At OPHMED, we are producing more than 1500 different kinds of surgical instruments and procedure packs for ophthalmology, available for ophthalmic surgeons around every corner of the world. Still, we are continuously developing the new special instruments with our customers.

As a specialist manufacturer of ophthalmic microsurgical instruments, we sincerely welcome the long-term cooperation relations with the reputed overseas ophthalmic distributors, ophthalmic clinics, hospitals, surgeons, and ophthalmic charity organizations on the distribution, custom manufacturing and charity activities,etc.